Governor Scott Announces 2014 Debate Schedule

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Governor Scott Announces 2014 Debate Schedule
Governor Calls on Charlie Crist to Debate Nan Rich in Democratic Primary

Tallahassee – Governor Scott’s campaign announced today that the Governor will participate in three debates this fall with either Nan Rich or Charlie Crist, whoever emerges as the winner of the Democratic primary. Governor Scott believes debates are essential in order to allow candidates to present their views on the direction of Florida directly to voters. He urges both candidates to agree to these debates now, so that proper planning and scheduling can take place prior to the primary in late August.

Governor Rick Scott said, “The great thing about debates is that they allow candidates to discuss their vision and their plans directly with the voters. The only other time I ran for office I participated in debates in both the primary and general elections. Candidates who refuse to debate show a disdain for the voters and for their opponent. I look forward to a great exchange of ideas with either Charlie Crist or Nan Rich, whoever emerges from the primary in late August.”

The three debate invitations the Governor accepted will be aired statewide, giving Floridians ample opportunity to evaluate the candidates without the filter of the news media or campaign advertising. The Governor urges both Nan Rich and Charlie Crist to agree to participate in these three debates without notes so voters can hear an unvarnished exchange of the candidates’ views.

Governor Scott will participate in the following debates:
· WSCV Telemundo 51: October 10, Location TBA
· Leadership Florida: October 15, 7-8 pm, Broward College
· CNN: October 21, Location TBA



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