What Do Rick Scott & Justin Bieber Have In Common?

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Rick Scott’s utter refusal to answer questions has become a national storyline and a local joke (if it weren’t so infuriating to the people asking). Even under oath, Scott seemed to take delight in providing non-answer after non-answer to simple, straightforward questions. His aversion to questions was on display throughout his 1995 deposition, and seemed oddly reminiscent of another disdainful deposition…


1995: Rick Scott Was Deposed In An Anti-Trust Case against Columbia/HCA.  According to the Miami Herald, “On March 17, 1995, Rick Scott was deposed by attorney John T. Cusack in an anti-trust case filed against Columbia/HCA by Orlando Regional Healthcare System, which lost the suit against Columbia/HCA but prevailed against another party.” [Miami Herald, 10/18/10]

  • Suit Was Brought By Orlando Regional Healthcare System To Stop Columbia/HCA From Taking All Of Orlando Market.According to the Miami Herald, “Under oath, Scott displays a poor memory and a penchant for parsing words. He answers a lawyer’s questions with questions. Smirking or shrugging his shoulders, his darting eyes survey the room in a video deposition in an antitrust case brought by Orlando Regional Healthcare System against Scott’s former company Columbia/HCA. […]Ayers said he still remembers the deposition after all these years. So does John T. Cusack, a Chicago lawyer who represented Orlando Regional in its 1995 suit to stop Columbia/HCA from gobbling up too much of the Orlando market.” [Miami Herald, 10/18/10]

Scott “Seem[ed] To Not Know Much About His Own Company And Repeatedly Asks Attorneys To Define Simple Words.”  According to WJHG, “In a video of the 95 deposition, Scott seems not to know much about his company and repeatedly asks the attorney to define simple words.” [WJHG, 10/20/10]

Scott Denied Quotes In News Sources And Press Releases Were His Words.  According to the Miami Herald “Scott said he didn’t remember or denied quotes attributed to him in the Miami Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the Orlando Sentinel. Cusack then read a Columbia/HCA press release about a hospital deal that quoted Scott. ‘Have I read those paragraphs correctly, sir?’ Cusack asked. Scott: ‘I didn’t listen that close.’ Cusack: ‘Is the press release an accurate quote?’ Scott: ‘I… I don’t know.’ [Miami Herald, 10/18/10]

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