Governor Scott Announces STEM Teacher Summer Residency Initiative Ramping Up

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Governor Scott Announces STEM Teacher Summer Residency Initiative Ramping Up
19 Companies Interested In Governor’s New Initiative

MIAMI – Governor Rick Scott will announce today that 19 Florida companies – including Embraer and Northrup Gruman – are interesting in taking part in the Governor’s new STEM teacher summer residency initiative. The initiative is part of the Governor’s “Jobs for the Next Generation” policy and will offer Florida’s best STEM teachers the opportunity to build their skills in the private sector and translate them into their classroom teaching.

Teachers who take part in the Governor’s new program will receive a $10,000 stipend from the state and participating companies will be encouraged to provide additional compensation.

Governor Scott will highlight the 19 companies interested in this initiative during his “Jobs for the Next Generation” tour stop at Timbar Packaging & Display in Miami this morning. The 18 companies are as follows:

Covanta Energy
CoWork Jax
Duke Energy Florida
Entertainment Metals, Inc.
F4 Technologies, Inc.
Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Florida Power & Light
Gulf Power Company
Harris Corporation
Heat Pipe Technology
Hoerbiger Corporation of America, Inc.
Metal Essence
Northup Grumman
Timbar Packaging & Display

Governor Scott said, “Florida has some of the best teachers in the country and they are on the front lines of educating our future workforce. We should be doing everything we can to develop their skills even more so they can give our students an even greater experience in the classroom. Students with a strong STEM background have a great opportunity to find a high-paying job and we want to foster their success.”

Gil Becker, Vice President of Timbar, said, “Timbar Miami looks forward to welcoming our educators into the field of manufacturing . Providing teachers with experience in the fields their students will pursue real world activities will allow them to help students develop the invaluable skills they will use to succeed in the workforce. There are great careers in the state that surround manufacturing and we’re excited to be part of this important initiative.”

Bill Brown, Chairman and CEO of the Harris Corporation, said, “”Advancing STEM education and increasing the pool of engineering talent are vital to the future of the state and to Florida-based technology companies such as Harris Corporation that seek to foster innovation and spur growth. We strongly support government and private sector efforts to introduce pioneering new initiatives, such as Governor Scott’s proposed paid residency program, that seek to improve STEM education and encourage interest in technology.”

Stan Connally, President and CEO of Gulf Power Company said, “Gulf Power Company is a strong supporter of STEM education and we clearly understand the critical role teachers play in building our state’s future workforce. With our long history of engagement in education, Gulf Power applauds this innovative concept by Governor Scott and looks forward to hosting one or more STEM teachers through his proposed STEM teacher residency program.”

Kenneth Ford, Director of the Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, said, “The Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition appreciates Governor Scott’s focus on STEM education in his Jobs for the Next Generation policy proposals. Specifically, his proposal to provide STEM teachers with in-house opportunities in the private sector is a great way to build partnerships with K-12 education and create greater interest in these subjects with young students.”

Ken Jurgensmeyer, Director of Engineering and Operations for MiTek Industries, said, “Heat Pipe Technology and MiTek USA endorse the opportunity to promote education of manufacturing and we support the initiative to employ teachers in the manufacturing environment during the summer. This is an exciting opportunity to build the knowledge in educators from the grassroots level to drive manufacturing for the next generation of workers to fill the skill gaps we have today. This initiative will not only make the local community stronger by providing needed skills but will enhance the economy of America into the 21st century.”

For more information on Governor Scott’s “Jobs for the Next Generation Plan,” click here.


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