Blatantly Political Holder Letter Ignores Reality

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If you are reporting on the blatantly political letter sent by Attorney General Eric Holder, please use this statement from Melissa Sellers as a response:

“Attorney General Eric Holder’s letter is just more politics from President Obama – as the White House desperately tries to prop up the sagging campaign of their candidate, Charlie Crist. It isn’t surprising that the same President who used the IRS to persecute his political opponents is now using his Attorney General to try the same tactic.

“In fact, Attorney General Eric Holder’s own Justice Department pre-cleared the voting changes in the 2011 law that governed the 2012 general election in Florida. However, in May 2013, Governor Scott signed HB 7013 into law to correct inefficiencies in the earlier law. The new 2013 law added more early voting locations, more early voting days and shortened the length of the ballot. Perhaps the Attorney General is against these reforms and he wants to turn back the clock to the days of less early voting time and less early voting locations in a bizarre attempt to help Charlie Crist. But, Governor Scott has worked to make Florida elections more efficient, convenient and accessible to all voters.” – Melissa Sellers, Campaign Manager, Rick Scott for Florida

Greg Blair
Deputy Communications Director
Rick Scott for Florida


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