Amendment 1 Campaign on Gov. Scott’s “Let’s Keep Florida Beautiful” Proposal

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Statement from

Will Abberger, Campaign Manager, Florida Water and Land Legacy Campaign

Regarding Gov. Rick Scott’s “Let’s Keep Florida Beautiful” Proposal

“We applaud Governor Rick Scott for his leadership in recognizing the immediate and lasting importance of water and land conservation in our state. Conserving Florida’s rivers, lakes, springs, and bays and our natural areas and wildlife habitat is absolutely essential to protecting our state’s well being. We agree with Governor Scott that we need to invest in protecting Florida’s water quality, the Everglades, and our treasured natural areas.”

“A ‘Yes’ vote for Amendment 1 does just that. Amendment 1 will provide a sustained commitment to protect water quality, natural areas, and wildlife for generations to come. Amendment 1 addresses Florida’s water and land conservation needs for the next 20 years without raising taxes. With Florida adding nearly 700 new residents every day, we must act now to pass Amendment One to ensure that our unique natural resources continue to flourish for future generations.”

“Nearly one million Florida voters signed petitions to put Amendment 1 on the ballot.  Amendment 1 is the right step for Florida, and we urge voters to vote ‘Yes’ this November.”

“The Water and Land Conservation Amendment would dedicate funding for conservation, management and restoration of Florida’s water and land resources for 20 years. The Amendment, which if approved by the voters would take effect July 1, 2015, sets aside one-third of the existing documentary stamp tax (paid when real estate is sold) to restore the Everglades, protect drinking water sources, and revive the state’s historic commitment to protecting natural lands and wildlife habitat through the Florida Forever program.”

Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. Florida’s Water and Land Legacy is the campaign working to win voter approval of Amendment 1, Water and Land Conservation Amendment in November 2014. More than 30,000 Floridians have signed up for Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. The coalition includes more than 400 organizations and businesses from across the state. To learn more about the Amendment 1, Water and Land Conservation please visit

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Will Abberger, Campaign Manager

Phone: (850) 222-7911 ext. 23



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