Students are enthusiastic about future in oyster aquaculture

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Students are enthusiastic about future in oyster aquaculture

The students in TCC’s first oyster aquaculture class were already enthusiastic about learning how to raise oysters and launching their own oyster farming businesses. So their energy only grew when they received a visit from two Australian businessmen and oystering experts in July.

The Aussies were visiting TCC’s Wakulla Environmental Institute as representatives of SEAPA, a company that pioneered and sells an adjustable long-line system for “off-bottom” oyster farming. The system uses the entire water column, instead of just the area immediately above the sea floor, the method that had been used previously in Florida.

The visitors in turn were excited about the quality of the program, the eagerness of the students and the vast potential of Wakulla’s nutrient-rich waters for producing oysters.

To hear some American and Australian voices—and see students in action assembling oyster baskets—view this video by producer Robert Seidler, who is also a student in WEI’s first oyster aquaculture class.

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(This article was published in TCC’s Our Stories on August 5, 2014.)


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