Where is Charlie? 2006?

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Five days into asking where Charlie Crist lives, and every “answer” only raises more questions.

Whether it’s his staff physically bullying those who ask or shutting down press conferences himself, one thing is clear: Charlie Crist doesn’t want to tell the full truth.

On Tuesday, Crist told the Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board that he still lives in St. Petersburg, in the same apartment building.

But that only leaves two possibilities.

Perhaps, just like in 2006, Charlie is once again renting from someone who is taking an illegal homestead exemption? In 2006, Steve Bousquet from the St. Petersburg Times wrote:

“Charlie Crist, attorney general and candidate for governor, got a crash course in Florida tax law this week. Crist has never owned a home. He rents a St. Petersburg condominium from a man who has been taking a homestead exemption on the unit, even though he doesn’t live there as state law requires. Crist, the state’s top legal officer, said he didn’t know his landlord was claiming the tax break or that it was against the law to do so. ‘Could he not do that?’ Crist asked.

Or, has Charlie not updated his absentee ballot information (thus making him ineligible to cast a ballot in the primary)?

Just a couple more reasons Charlie might not want anyone to know exactly where he’s living—or what he’s hiding—these days.

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Greg Blair
Deputy Communications Director
Rick Scott for Florida


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