RPOF to Air New TV Ad Responding to Defamatory Steyer Ad

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RPOF to Air New TV Ad Responding to Defamatory Steyer Ad
President Obama Using Radical, Liberal California Billionaire to Prop Up Crist Campaign

TALLAHASSEE – In response to the defamatory NextGen Climate Action ad falsely attacking Governor Scott, the Republican Party of Florida is launching a new TV ad, “Fiction.” The ad highlights the truth about Rick Scott’s record on holding polluters accountable and protection of the Everglades versus Charlie Crist’s empty promises and hypocrisy on the environment.

STATEMENT FROM RPOF CHAIRMAN LESLIE DOUGHER: “President Obama is using a radical, liberal out-of-state billionaire – Tom Steyer – in an attempt to breathe life back into Charlie Crist’s flailing campaign. Obama badly wants to save Crist, one of the only politicians in America who has fully endorsed Obamacare and says it’s ‘great.’ News reports show that right after Steyer announced his plans to spend $100 million to elect Democrats, he met with Obama’s political team at the White House. But voters will not be fooled by the complete fiction that President Obama and Tom Steyer are polluting Florida’s airwaves with.”

“Fiction” will be running in the Fort Myers and West Palm Beach media markets, where the defamatory Steyer ad – “Fountain” – is running.



VOICE: Found any good fiction this summer?

CHYRON: Found Any Good Fiction This Summer?

VOICE: There’s fiction on TV thanks to Charlie Crist.

CHYRON: Attack Ad

CHARLIE CRIST: Crist’s team says Governor Scott took contributions from this polluter. It’s total fiction.

CHYRON: Total Fiction

VOICE: Scott didn’t take a nickel.

CHYRON: Scott Didn’t Take A Nickel


The Tampa Bay Times: “The Cavalry Has Arrived To Help Crist Compete With Rick Scott On TV Ads. Nextgen Climate, The Group Founded By California Investor Tom Steyer Aiming To Make Climate Change A Top Issue, Started Blanketing Florida’s Airwaves Friday With Two Ads Casting Scott As Bad For Florida’s Environment.” (Adam Smith, “Tallahassee No Longer Fits As Florida’s Capital,” The Tampa Bay Times, 8/9/14)

NextGen Climate Action Committee Florida Ad Says “Governor Rick Scott Drank From A Fountain Of Campaign Cash From The Company That Profited Off Pollution” (Dan A. Hughes Company). (NextGen Climate Action Committee – Florida, “Fountain” Ad, 8/8/14)

Since Rick Scott First Became A Candidate For Governor In 2010, His Campaigns And Affiliated Committees Have Taken No Money From The Dan A. Hughes Company – $0. (Florida Division of Elections, Accessed 8/11/14)

  • Politico: “A Search Of State Election Records By POLITICO Also Didn’t Turn Up Any Donations From Hughes To The Governor’s Campaign.” (Andrew Restuccia, “Scott Campaign Threatens Legal Action Over Steyer Ad,” Politico Pro, 8/814)


VOICE: Scott held the polluter accountable, shut down their wells. Now, historic protection for the Everglades.

CHYRON: Rick Scott. Held The Polluter Accountable. Shut Down Their Wells. Historic Protection For The Everglades.


Governor Rick Scott’s Administration Held Dan A. Hughes Company Accountable For Drilling Violations.

  • APRIL 8, 2014: As Reported By WFTV Story, Cited By NextGen Ad, Dan A. Hughes Company Was Fined $25,000 By Governor Scott’s Department Of Environmental Protection (DEP) For “Straying From The Guidelines Of The Law.” “But Hughes has already strayed from the guidelines of the law, at least according to a fine issued by DEP. On April 8, 2014, the Department of Environmental Protection issued what’s known as a ‘consent order’ to the Hughes Company for what DEP called a ‘workover operation.’ Hughes was fined $25,000.” (“9 Investigates Gov. Scott Connection To Oil, Gas Drilling Company,” WFTV Channel 9 Orlando, 6/16/14)

Governor Rick Scott’s Administration Pushed To Stop Hughes’ Drilling Operations, Punished Company With Fines, Revoked Permits And Lawsuits. 

  • MAY 2, 2014: As Reported By South Florida Sun-Sentinel Story, Cited By NextGen Ad, DEP Pressured Dan A. Hughes Company To Stop Drilling Operations. “The department slapped the company with a $25,000 fine for ‘unauthorized actions,’ which the agency called the maximum civil penalty under Florida law, and ordered it to hire an independent expert approved by the department to monitor groundwater near the site. Then on May 2, under pressure from the state, the company agreed to stop drilling five new wells …” (William E. Gibson, “Fracking-Like Drilling Near Everglades Raises Alarms,” The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 5/10/14)
  • JUNE 18, 2014: DEP Told Dan A. Hughes Company To Hold “At Least Three Public Meetings To Discuss” Drilling And To “Address The Concerns Expressed By Residents.” (Press Release, “Letter From DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard To Dan A. Hughes Co. And Collier Resources Co.,” Florida Department Of Environmental Protection, 6/18/14)
  • JULY 3, 2014: DEP Sent Letter To Dan A. Hughes Company That “Outlined Required Steps To Restore Public Confidence.” “The state’s top environmental administrator sent a letter Thursday to the Dan A. Hughes Co., outlining nine steps the oil well driller needs to take to restore public confidence in its activities at the Collier Hogan well. ‘The DEP’s job is to protect the public and the environment,’ Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Herschel Vinyard told the Daily News. ‘We believe the activities at the well have made people uneasy about the oil industry and what was done. “If they don’t comply, we will hold them accountable,’ Vinyard continued, adding that noncompliance could range from a $10,000 fine to pulling the permit at the well.” (June Fletcher, “DEP Letter To Dan Hughes Co. Outlines Required Steps To Restore Public Confidence,” The Naples Daily News, 7/3/14)
  • JULY 9, 2014: DEP Sent Letter To Dan A. Hughes Company Expressing Disappointment For Not Complying With Previous Demand To Attend “County Commission Meeting To Address The Numerous Unanswered Concerns” Regarding Drilling Operations. (Press Release, “DEP Continues Holding Dan A. Hughes Accountable,” Florida Department Of Environmental Protection, 7/9/2014)
  • JULY 15, 2014: DEP Revoked Drilling Permit, Filed Lawsuit Against Dan A. Hughes Company For Drilling Violations. “The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has revoked the permits of the Dan A. Hughes Co., including the disputed Collier-Hogan well, south of Lake Trafford. It also is filing a lawsuit in Collier County asking for enforcement of a consent order that the Hughes Co. agreed to in April, and for civil penalties and injunctive relief of $100,000.”(June Fletcher, “DEP Revokes Hughes’ Collier Hogan Well Permit,” The Naples Daily News, 7/18/14)
  • JULY 15: Dan A. Hughes Company “Shut Down Last Well Near Everglades.” “The Texas company running a controversial oil drilling operation at the edge of Florida panther habitat announced Tuesday it would shut down its sole remaining well — just as Florida environmental regulators were announcing they would sue to force its shutdown.” (Staff, “Under Fire, Texas Oil Company Shuts Down Last Well Near Everglades,” The Tampa Bay Times, 7/15/14)

Governor Rick Scott Has Provided Historic Investments In Protecting And Restoring The Everglades.

  • Governor Scott Signed HB 7065 In May 2013, Providing For $32 Million In Annual Funding For Everglades Restoration, All Part Of His $880 Million Long-Term Plan. “ Today, Governor Rick Scott signed into law HB 7065, which provides $32 million, annually, in state funding for the Governor’s $880 million long-term Everglades restoration plan. The $32 million is an historic step forward in restoring America’s Everglades by improving water quality and water flow. The Governor signed the bill as part of a ceremony at the Florida Atlantic University Pine Jog Environmental Education Center in West Palm Beach.” (Press Release, “Governor Scott Celebrates $880 Million Plan For Everglades Restoration, Cleaner Water In Florida,” Office Of Governor Rick Scott, 5/28/13)
  • Environmental Leaders From The Everglades Foundation To Audubon Florida Praised Rick Scott’s Commitment To Restoration. “Eric Eikenberg – Everglades Foundation said, ‘Governor Scott understands the importance of improving the Everglades ecosystem, which is evident not only with his water quality plan but also with his $130 million investment for improving America’s Everglades’ … Eric Draper – Audubon Florida said, ‘We are seeing real progress on the Everglades. Governor Scott deserves credit for following through on projects to get water clean and delivered to the natural system.’” (Press Release, “What They Are Saying: Environmental Leaders Applaud Gov. Scott’s Commitment To The Everglades,” Office Of Governor Rick Scott, 1/22/14)


VOICE: But Charlie Crist? He failed to keep his commitments to the ‘glades.

CHYRON: Charlie Crist Failed The Everglades

VOICE: And he campaigns on private jets owned by, you guessed it, polluters.

CHYRON: Charlie Crist. Owned By Polluters.

VOICE: Hypocrite Charlie Crist. He’s everything you hate about politics.

CHYRON: Hypocrite Charlie Crist.

DISCLAIMER: Paid political advertisement paid for by the Republican Party of Florida. 420 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. The Republican Party of Florida endorses and urges you to vote for Rick Scott for Governor, Jeanette Nunez for State Representative District 119, and Clay Ingram for State Representative District 1. Approved by Rick Scott, Jeanette Nunez and Clay Ingram.


Charlie Crist Did Not Keep His Commitments To Everglades Restoration. 

  • JUNE 2008: Crist “Signed An Agreement Laying The Groundwork For His Plan To Buy 187,000 Acres Owned By U.S. Sugar For $1.75 Billion And Use The Land To Re-Create Water Flows Between Lake Okeechobee And The Everglades.” (“Florida Buys Back Everglades For A River Of Cash,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 6/24/08)
  • APRIL 2009: Crist Cut The Deal In Half, With The “New Offer” At “$533 Million For 72,500 Acres Of Citrus Groves And Sugar Fields.” (“Governor Halves U.S. Sugar Glades Deal,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/2/09)
  • AUGUST 2010: Everglades Deal Was “Scaled Back For A Third Time” To “26,790 Acres Being Sold For $197 Million.” (“For The Everglades, A Dream Loses Much Of Its Grandeur,” The New York Times, 8/13/10)

Miami Herald: “Charlie Crist Flies To Enviro Press Conference – On Jet Of Developer Fined For Pollution” “Democrat Charlie Crist flew to an environmental press event [Friday] on the private jet of a developer fined for pollution. Almost as soon Crist stepped off the 2005 Cessna 560XL, Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign had photographed its tail number and traced its ownership to developer James Finch, whose company Phoenix Construction was fined at least twice for violating environmental rules …” (Marc Caputo, “Charlie Crist Flies To Enviro Press Conference – On Jet Of Developer Fined For Pollution,” The Miami Herald, 7/28/14)

CONTACT: Susan Hepworth, 850-241-1827

Paid political advertisement paid for by the Republican Party of Florida. 420 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. The Republican Party of Florida endorses and urges you to vote for Rick Scott for Governor, Jeanette Nunez for State Representative District 119, and Clay Ingram for State Representative District 1. Approved by Rick Scott, Jeanette Nunez and Clay Ingram.


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