200 days of ducking

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stop ducking200 days. That’s how long it’s been since Charlie Crist first refused to debate lifelong Democrat Nan Rich.

And when asked repeatedly about his refusal, he recently said he “doesn’t have the time.” 

As the Tampa Bay Times noted, “And now there is no campaign spin imaginable that will excuse the way Crist has ducked Rich.”

Charlie’s refusal shows how little respect he has for a woman who has been a champion of the party he only recently joined. But that’s nothing new. The fact is, Charlie has never cared about anyone but himself.

He could show some respect to all Democrats, and the voters of Florida by being open about his positions and accepting a debate with his opponent.

Instead, it’s just been 200 days of ducking.


Susan Hepworth
Communications Director
(o) 850-241-1827


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