Florida is back to school and back to basics!

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Florida is back to school and back to basics!
Florida’s A-F School Grading Formula is Clear and Simple

From all of us at ExcelinEd, welcome to the new school year! As students and teachers head back into the classroom for the 2014-15 school year, Florida’s A-F school grading formula is starting fresh with a clear and simple approach.

This year and always, it is important to inspire a love of learning in children, foster creativity and ensure that kids achieve success and attain Florida’s high education standards – accountability through school grades supports this work. It gives teachers and schools information to drive results.

So, what exactly is new with Florida school grades this year?

First a bit of history: In 1999, Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislature enacted a series of bold and innovative reforms never before attempted in public education. The A+ Plan for Education included a policy for schools to earn grades, enabling Florida to reward success and identify where resources are needed. A-F school grading, a signature ExcelinEd policy, shined a light on student learning and whole communities got involved. In more recent years – because of the success of school grades and with good intentions – additional measurements were added to Florida’s grading formula, complicating the calculation.

Fast forward: This year, the Sunshine State is back to a simple, clear and transparent school grading approach, which is good news for Florida students, parents and schools.

The new A-F school grading formula focuses on the fundamentals:progress proficiency ffee

  • Proficiency in English/language arts, math, and science for all students
  • Proficiency in social studies for middle and high schools
  • Progress in English/language arts and math for all students
  • Progress in English/language arts and math for the lowest performing 25% of students
  • Acceleration rates in middle and high school (taking and passing AP, IB, dual enrollment, and industry certification)
  • Graduation rates in high school

Read more about what this year means to education in Florida from EdFly Blog guest author Toni Jennings, former fifth grade teacher, former Florida Lieutenant Governor, two-term Senate President, and Foundation for Florida’s Future Board member:

“We have learned during this process that high standards accomplish little if not accompanied by accountability measures to ensure they are met. This is why Florida’s A-F school grading system is so effective. It is the simplest, most transparent way to inform parents and the public about the quality of individual schools.” (More…)

Patricia Levesque
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Excellence in Education

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