Granny’s Going Guerrilla For Ryan Redux

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Washington, D.C.: Today, as Paul Ryan’s new book/2016 stump speech hits bookstores, his arch-nemesis GRANNY announced a national campaign to “roll over that whippersnapper’s book tour–and his presidential ambitions.”

The GRANNY GOES GUERRILLA campaign will include stops along Paul Ryan’s book tour where Granny will be represented by local activists with posters showing “The REAL Way Forward” book cover. The campaign will also place copies of the books–with Granny’s Cover–in bookstores across the country. “If people go to buy his book, they will see what he’s really selling,” said Granny from her wheelchair on the front porch of Progressive Horizons Home for the Awesomely Aged.

“Ryan’s Way Forward is nothing more than a quick shove and a long fall,” said Granny, still suffering terrible lower back pain after being pushed OFF A CLIFF three years ago by the Congressman.

Congressman Ryan has publicly admitted that he has much to fear from Granny including becoming a pariah in his own party. In a Wall Street Journal article in 2012, Ryan blamed Granny for GOP losses at the polls and called her “a particularly egregious example of ‘demagoguery.'”

In a formal statement, Granny said:

Ever since he first went after me in May of 2011 I’ve lived in fear of Rep. Ryan and his voucher plan. In 2012 he came the closest he ever had to making it a reality, but luckily for me and senior citizens across this country, he was stopped in his tracks. This week Rep. Ryan is trying once more to finish the job he started three years ago, trotting out the same voucher plan he has in the past. After three years, enough is enough.

“I won’t just sit in this chair anymore waiting for Rep. Ryan to come and get me. With friends across the country we’re rolling out a plan to let people know what Ryan really wants to do to me and Grandmas everywhere. Today I have one message for Paul Ryan: you’re not pushing me around anymore!”

Granny first entered the spotlight in 2011 when she starred in a video dramatizing the effects of Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal. She returned in 2012 when Ryan was selected as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012 and then again when he released his budget in 2013.


  1. This is not the first time Rep. Ryan has gone after Granny. He first proposed a voucher plan as part of his 2011 “Path to Prosperity” budget, again as part of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, and again in April of this year as part of the latest “Path to Prosperity” budget plan.
  2. Medicare has done a better job of controlling costs than private insurers.
  3. Competition in private health care markets had not produced the savings the Ryan plan claims it would. Consolidation among private insurers means that in most areas of the country there isn’t effective competition.
  4. Similar proposals enacted abroad have not significantly reduced healthcare costs, but have led to greater delinquency in payments.
  5. The Ryan plan will lead to higher costs that will have to be borne by the beneficiary. As an analysis of the original 2011 plan shows, voucher care will no longer be a defined benefits program and beneficiaries will have to personally absorb any costs that are higher than the rate of inflation.

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