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PRACTICAL PROGRESS: The Agenda Project Action Fund’s actually brief briefing on the Most Important News from the Progressive Movement.

JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL BROWN — Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) President Richard Cohen summed up the situation in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown 11 days ago: “It’s tragic. It’s senseless. It’s destructive. How many more innocents must die?” … ACT: SIGN CREDO Action’s petition to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson demanding an extensive investigation HERESIGN The Nation’s petition to end the militarization of the police HEREDONATE to the official Michael Brown Memorial Fund HEREDONATE to the bail and legal fund for those arrested during Ferguson anti-police demonstrations HEREPURCHASE a “Don’t Shoot” t-shirt–with 100% of the proceeds going to Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment–HERE

FERGUSON MUST READS: “One Nation Under SWAT: How America’s Police Became an Occupying Force” at Salon, “Bringing Policy Secrecy To Light in Ferguson” from Sunlight Foundation, and “The Death of Michael Brown” over at The Nation.

GRANNY GOES GUERRILLAThe Agenda Project Action Fund is happy to announce the return of GRANNY to rally against the release of Rep. Paul Ryan’s new book, The Way Forward. Protesters will meet Rep. Ryan at every stop on his book tour, armed with copies of the REAL “Way Forward.” Granny TELLS PP: “Ryan’s Way Forward is nothing more than a quick shove and a long fall … I have one message for Paul Ryan: you’re not pushing me around anymore!” DOWNLOAD the cover HERE and READPaul Ryan’s Newest Deceit: Why the Hot New Book Has the Same Old Shtick.”

CREW RECRUITS BROCK AS NEW CHAIR — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) named Media Matters for America Founder and progressive activist David Brock as its new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Longtime strategic advisor David Mercer and real estate investor and philanthropist Wayne Jordan will also serve as Directors.

David Mercer TELLS PP: “At a time when public opinion of Congress is at or near all-time lows, I welcome the opportunity to join a talented team with an exceptional track record of seeking to restore the public’s trust in our government and Washington, D.C. Both CREW and David Brock are standouts in the accountability business, and together, new resources, creativity and commitment will be brought to bear on the vital work of keeping government transparent and responsive to the American people it serves.”

SPEAK UP TO SAVE THE INTERNET — With over one million submissions and counting, the FCC has extended the deadline for comments on net neutrality to September 15th. SUBMIT your comments HERE and READThe FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal Explained” over at The Nation.

BOOK RAFFLE: AGAINST AUSTERITY — Enter for a chance to win a copy of Richard Seymour’s book Against Austerity: How We Can Fix the Crisis They Made. The book examines the austerity fervor plaguing political discourse worldwide and supplies strategies for preventing future crises. The WINNER will be REVEALED in PP on September 11! E-MAIL PP Editor Hannah Hendler at with the subject line “AGAINST AUSTERITY submission.”

BUSINESSES BACKING $10.10 — Business for a Fair Minimum Wage and Main Street Alliance launched a national campaign that provides businesses with free decals and posters to show their support for a federal minimum wage of at least $10.10. Business for a Fair Minimum Wage CEO Holly Sklar: “Biz owners are much less partisan than Congress when it comes to a fair minimum wage, and this decal is a great way the business community can show support for raising the wage.” ORDER a free decal or poster HERE.

THE TOLL OF COAL — The Center for American Progress (CAP) released a new analysis revealing that proposed coal-export projects in the Powder River Basin will result in as much carbon pollution as 35 million new cars. READ more HERE.

PP MUST READ: “Unaccompanied Children at Our Border: Why They Are Coming, What Happens Once They’re Here and How to Help” over at American Constitution Society’s blog.

A USER’S GUIDE TO ECONOMICSĀ — The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) is hosting a discussion and book signing with economist and CEPR Associate Ha-Joon Chang about his new book, Economics: The User’s Guide. The event will take place at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C. on September 18th. FIND out more HERE.


A FAIRER FLORIDA: FairVote Executive Director and Top Wonk Rob Richie proposes two new solutions for Florida’s gerrymandering woes.

DISEASED DEMOCRACY: Former Secretary of Labor and Top Wonk Robert Reich argues that our democracy is infected by the power of monied interests and urges Americans to take power back with voices and votes.

SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY: CEPR Director of Domestic Policy and Top Wonk Nicole Woo warns that in 20 years social security will likely be able to pay only three-quarters of promised benefits to retirees unless the wealthiest start paying the same payroll tax rate as the rest of us.

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