BREAKING NEWS: Steyer’s New Ads Boomerang to Hit Crist

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The first attack ad on Governor Scott from Obama-ally Tom Steyer was such a failure that at least one television station pulled it off the air. What does Steyer do next? Roll out two new ads that boomerang back on the candidate Barack Obama called on him to save: Charlie Crist.

  • Boomerang I: After releasing an attack ad on Friday attempting to tie Governor Scott to drillers that he held accountable, we guess Steyer didn’t notice that it was CRIST who took over $500,000 in contributions from the Collier family into the Republican Party while he was Governor and $15,000 directly to his previous campaigns. See the contributions below.
  • Boomerang II: Now Steyer is up with another attack ad this morning in Tampa, claiming that “with a stroke of a pen, Rick Scott failed to protect Florida consumers.” But the bill in question, SB 1472, adds “protections for consumers,” making it harder for utilities “to charge customers more.” This after Charlie Crist approved the nuclear power plant that was never built and signed a law expanding utilities’ ability to increase consumers bills. See the background below.

If you’re covering Tom Steyer’s new ads, please use the following statement from me:

“Steyer’s new ads takes a swipe at his Obama ally – Charlie Crist – by attacking contributions from the Collier family, who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Crist, and attacking Rick Scott for protecting consumers after Crist left taxpayers on the hook. Oops. While Rick Scott has fought to stop illegal drilling in Collier County and reign in utilities, Charlie Crist was busy flying to an environmental press conference on the plane of a serial polluter. More swings and misses by Obama’s special interest force Tom Steyer in Florida.”

Matt Moon
Communications Director
Rick Scott for Florida


BOOMERANG I: It was CHARLIE CRIST who took over $500,000 in contribution to the Republican Party and his previous campaigns

  • While Charlie Crist was Governor, the Collier Family and Collier Family corporate holdings donated $544,500 to the Republican Party of Florida. (Florida Division of Elections, Accessed 8/25/14)
  • During the 2006 campaign for Governor, the Collier Family and Collier Family corporate holdings donated $12,000 to Charlie Crist. (Florida Division of Elections, Accessed 8/25/14)
  • During the 2002 campaign for Attorney General, the Collier Family and Collier Family corporate holdings donated $2,500 to Charlie Crist(Florida Division of Election, Accessed 8/25/14)
  • During the 2000 campaign for Education Commissioner, the Collier Family and Collier Family corporate holdings donated $500 to Charlie Crist(Florida Division of Elections, Accessed 8/25/14)

BOOMERANG II: It was CHARLIE CRIST who left taxpayers on the hook while GOVERNOR SCOTT protected consumers by signing SB 1472. 

  • It Was Charlie Crist Who Approved The Levy County Nuclear Power Plant Whose Construction Was Eventually Cancelled
    • AUGUST 2009: “Governor Charlie Crist … Approved Progress Energy Florida’s Site Request For Construction Of A Nuclear Facility On A 3,105-Acre Location In Levy County.”(Press Release, Florida Cabinet Approved Site Certification For Progress Energy Florida’s Levy Nuclear Plan, Florida Department Of Environmental Protection, 8/11/2009)
    • AUGUST 2009: Charlie Crist Claimed Levy Nuclear Plant Would Create Jobs, Saying “I Appreciate What Progress Is Doing.” (Transcript, Cabinet Meeting, 8/11/2009)
    • AUGUST 2013: “Duke Energy Cancels Contract For Levy County Nuclear-Power Plants.” (Bruce Henderson, “Duke Energy Cancels Contract For Levy County Nuclear-Power Plants,” McClatchy-Tribune, 8/1/2013)
  • It Was Charlie Crist Who Signed Bill Expanding Nuclear Cost Recovery Law, Increasing Utilities’ Ability To Hike Customers’ Bills. (HB 7135, 2008 Legislature)
  • It Was Governor Scott Who Signed Legislation Last Year That Makes It Harder For Utilities To Charge Floridians More For “Nuclear Cost Recovery” From The Crystal River And Levy County Plants. 
    • Last Year, Governor Scott Signed Amendments To “Nuclear Cost Recovery Act” To Protect Consumers And Create “Benchmarks Aimed At Great Transparency And Accountability From Public Utilities In The State.” “Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into law Friday amendments to the controversial Nuclear Cost Recovery Act, adding protections for consumers and benchmarks aimed at greater transparency and accountability from public utilities in the state. The governor signed S.B. 1472, which scaled back the 2006 statute by forcing utilities that use the statute to recover costs for nuclear power plants to begin construction within 10 years of receiving a license from the National Regulatory Commission. Under the new law, utilities will also have to petition the state’s Public Service Commission, which approves any cost recovery under the statute, before beginning construction, according to a staff analysis of the bill. The PSC must at that point determine if the project is still feasible and if the projected costs are reasonable before the utility can recover construction costs, according to the analysis.”(Carolina Bolado, “Fla. Reforms Controversial Nuclear Cost Recovery Act,” Law 3606/17/13)
    • This Legislation “Toughens Guidelines For Using Nuclear Advance Fee.” In the short term, Duke Energy can keep collecting the “advance fee” money already approved for the Levy County nuclear plant. But, in the future, it will get a little harder for the utility to charge customers more. The Florida Senate with a 40-0 vote Thursday gave final approval to a bill that adds tougher guidelines for use of the advance fee.” (Ivan Penn and Mary Ellen Klas, “Florida Lawmakers Toughen Guidelines For Using Nuclear Advance Fee,” The Miami Herald, 5/2/14)
    • Environmental Organization Praised The Bill As “An Important Step Toward Reigning In The Utilities’ Access To Consumers’ Wallets.” “The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy … called S.B. 1472 … an important step toward reining in the utilities’ access to consumers’ wallets.” (Carolina Bolado, “Fla. Reforms Controversial Nuclear Cost Recovery Act,” Law360, 6/17/14)


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