Gwen Graham Raises 74% of Campaign Cash Outside District

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Southerland for Congress


PANAMA CITY, FL – Steve Southerland’s campaign took Gwen Graham to task today for hypocritically claiming she will fight for the “North Florida Way,” despite raising just 26% of her campaign cash from inside the district. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Southerland has raised 74% of his personal contributions from inside Florida’s Second Congressional District.

“Gwen Graham talks about the ‘North Florida Way,’ but she’s more interested in how much the outside special interests will pay,” said Southerland campaign manager Luke Strickland. “No amount of outside money can make up for the shocking lack of support Ms. Graham is receiving from inside District 2. The people of North and Northwest Florida know Steve Southerland, and they know he’s fighting for their values. That’s why Steve has received so much more support than Gwen Graham has from the hardworking men and women of this district.”

NOTE: To review the Center for Responsive Politics study, please click here.


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