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Good Afternoon-

  • Nothing To Celebrate”
  • “Prevent Some Students From Getting A Higher Education”
  • “Harmful”
  • “Shortchanging”
  • “Long And Exaggerated Laugh”

Who said these things? Some of Charlie Crist’s friends – former Democratic state legislators like Dan Gelber, Tony Hill and Steve Geller. 

And what are they in reference to? Charlie Crist’s cuts to education.

What’s clear is that no amount of shape-shifting can whitewash a chalkboard full of Charlie Crist’s failures on education. Don’t believe us? Just ask his closest allies. They’ll tell you the same thing.


In 2008, Dan Gelber Said Crist Cutting Education By $1 Billion Was “Nothing To Celebrate”. “…’This is not a budget that warrants celebration,’ said Gelber, of Miami Beach. ‘A budget that cuts $1 billion from public education at a time when our high school graduation rate is already the worst in the nation is nothing to celebrate.’” (Bill Kaczor, “Crist Signs $66 Bil. State Budget,” Associated Press, 6/11/08)

  • And Said Crist’s Tuition Increase Would Prevent Students From Getting Education. “…He said the budget, which includes a 6 percent tuition increase for community college and university students, also will prevent some students from getting a higher education and deliver ‘a disproportionate amount of pain’ to disabled children and nursing home patients.” (Bill Kaczor, “Crist Signs $66 Bil. State Budget,” Associated Press, 6/11/08)

In 2009, Gelber Slammed Crist For Proposing Additional Cuts To Education. “’He needs to draw a line in the sand,” Gelber said. ‘I don’t know that a budget that’s closing schools and firing teachers and gutting programs is a hold-harmless budget. I think it’s a harmful budget.’” (Steve Bousquet, “Budget Decisions Await Crist,” St. Petersburg Times, 3/29/09)

Jacksonville State Senator Tony Hill Said Crist “Shortchanging” Kids With Budget. “…State Sen. Tony Hill, D-Jacksonville, said Florida isn’t providing well enough for the education of its children and hasn’t been for years. ‘We’re shortchanging them,’ Hill said.” (Mary Kelli Palka, “Will Our Kids Pay The Price?,” Florida Times-Union, 3/15/09)

Steve Geller Gave A “Long And Exaggerated Laugh” In Response To Crist’s Education Budget In 2008. “Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller, D-Cooper City, and House Democratic chief Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach, followed Crist in addressing the AP conference. When asked about Crist’s education budget, Geller said, ‘Here is my response,’ then paused dramatically and tilted back his head, giving a long and exaggerated laugh.” (Bill Cotterell, “Crist Urges More For Education,” Florida Today, 1/18/2008)

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