Marco Rubio comes out of hiding to … Tea Party!

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While most potential Republican Presidential candidates have spent their summer traveling the country, campaigning for other Republicans and raising their profile – Marco Rubio has spent his summer largely MIA.

But today Rubio is coming out of hiding – and he’s ready to Tea Party.

Today Rubio is attending an event for South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan.

Duncan, who is known for embracing birther conspiracy theories well after the 2012 elections and Rubio have A LOT in common.

Rubio and Duncan both:

  • Supported the government shutdown that cost the economy $24 billion and they both voted against re-opening the government;
  • Want to repeal the Affordable Care Act and bring back the old, failed health care system that allowed insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions; and
  • Are climate science deniers who oppose efforts to stem climate change.

Remember when Rubio was seen as the “Savior” of the Republican Party?

Well that Marco Rubio is gone. He’s walked away from the bipartisan immigration reform proposal that he championed and is instead embracing far-right Republicans like Duncan who has gone as far as proposing legislation to eliminate birthright citizenship for children ofimmigrants.

Meet the newest Marco Rubio – running further to the right with every passing day.


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