MEDIA ADVISORY: Sheldon Responds To Bondi Debate Invite

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Media Advisory:

Sheldon Responds To Bondi Debate Invite

Tallahassee, FL — George Sheldon, Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, sent the following letter this morning to Attorney General Pam Bondi in response to her request for a series of public debates prior to the November 4th General Election:

Dear General Bondi:

I appreciate your willingness to debate the issues facing Florida, and I believe we should agree to a series of five debates over the next two months.

We have so many important issues in this election, and one debate cannot possibly do them justice.

Voters should be well informed about both candidates’ commitment to consumer protection, fighting Medicaid fraud, punishing human traffickers and helping their victims recover, concerted action against pill mills, the role of the attorney general’s office in promoting equal rights and equal justice under the law and in making sure that utility rates do not reward utilities for bad management decisions.

There are also the issues related to the Attorney General’s role as a member of the Cabinet, including the protection of public lands, the integrity of the state pension fund and the state’s commitment to the public employees who rely on the pensions they have earned.

The choice of an attorney general every four years deserves more than one debate, and I hope we can share these public platforms to help the voters better understand the vision and plans each of us would bring to the Office of Attorney General.


George Sheldon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 29th, 2014

CONTACT: Madelyn M. Skene | 850-445-9555 |


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