North Florida Veteran Urges Gwen Graham to Stop False Attack

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Southerland for Congress

PANAMA CITY, FL – A Tallahassee veteran who suffered serious injuries in Iraq in 2006 assailed Gwen Graham and the liberal D.C. attack machine backing her campaign for false attacks on Steve Southerland’s record. U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Luke Murphy defended Southerland after Graham’s supporters issued an ad falsely attacking Southerland’s record on mental health for veterans.

“After serving my nation proudly and suffering serious injuries in Iraq, I had to know I’d have the support I needed when I returned home,” said SSG Murphy. “Steve Southerland was there for me. When I was cleared by my orthopedic surgeon to leave the hospital last summer following my 32nd surgery, I was angered to learn I wouldn’t be allowed to return home to my family until the VA processed my hospital bills. I called Steve Southerland and was home in a matter of days. And when ‘Homes for our Troops’ broke ground on my new home in Tallahassee, Steve was there – just as he was for the ribbon-cutting when I moved in.

“I trust Steve, and it hurts me to see him attacked unfairly. Gwen Graham should be ashamed of herself for questioning the integrity of a man who has done so much for me and my fellow veterans. It’s certainly not the ‘North Florida Way’ to diminish veterans’ service by using them as political pawns. That’s why I proudly support Steve Southerland and urge Gwen Graham to have this sad, false attack pulled from the airwaves.”


  • Voted for $158.2 billion in VA funding, an increase of $10.3 billion from the previous year (Roll Call Vote 187, H.R. 4486, 4/30/2014)
  • Voted to address the health care crisis at the VA:
    • Supported $17 billion to improve veterans’ access to VA health care
    • Supported allowing veterans to access treatment at facilities outside of the VA system
    • Supported a three year extension of a pilot program to provide rehabilitation, quality of life, and community integration service to veterans with severe traumatic brain injuries (Roll Call Vote 467, H.R. 3230, 7/30/2014)

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