Florida Council for Safe Communities Announces Support of Recently-launched Smart Solar Amendment

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TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Council for Safe Communities today announced that it has come out in support of Consumers for Smart Solar and their consumer-friendly solar amendment for the 2016 General Election ballot, which was recently launched in response to an alternative flawed solar amendment.

The Florida Council for Safe Communities submitted a legal brief to the Florida Supreme Court in opposition to the alternative ballot initiative, the “Shady Solar Amendment,” due to the fact that the ballot title and summary are misleading and do not give voters “fair notice” of the amendment’s purpose and effect. In the brief, the Florida Council for Safe Communities also stated that the Shady Solar Amendment “strips” Floridians from important consumer protections and it may cause Florida consumers to experience potential utility rate increases. To view the brief in its entirety, please click here.

“As advocates for consumer protections, we simply cannot stand by without actively opposing Floridians for Solar Choice or their genuinely-flawed initiative,” said John Giotis, Chairman of Florida Council for Safe Communities. “This Shady Solar Amendment provides free reign to large solar companies, which have the potential to take unfair advantage of Florida consumers in a myriad of ways. In addition, this amendment could lead to an increase in costs to ratepayers, many of whom will never opt for solar energy.”

“Florida has excellent potential for solar energy, and our state should use that to our advantage; however, we must do so with complete and adequate consumer protections,” said Giotis. “Quite simply, the Shady Solar Amendment is misleading and ambiguous, and could victimize certain populations in Florida, such as seniors or those living on a fixed income. We encourage Floridians to review the Smart Solar Amendment that is good for Florida consumers, as it is specifically designed with them in mind.”

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Contact: John Giotis, john@flcsc.org



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