DNC Response to Jeb Bush’s Foreign Policy Speech

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A day after Jeb Bush said that US should screen for Syrian refugees who can prove they are Christian, and that civilian casualties are just a part of war, DNC spokeswoman Christina Freundlich issued the following response to Bush’s military policy speech today:

“Instead of showing compassion for families who are desperately seeking safety from war-torn countries, Jeb Bush would rather question the intentions of those who are suffering daily from the violence of terrorism. By saying that ‘of course’ civilian casualties are just a part of war, and wanting to screen Syrian refugees to test their religion, Jeb Bush is blatantly calling into question the value of a human life.

“Bush’s bellicose language isn’t just morally wrong – it serves as a recruiting tool for ISIS, and it damages our relationship with Muslim allies who are on the front lines of our fight against terror. Bush’s counterproductive rhetoric and support for closing our country’s doors stands in the way of living out the ideals of compassion, love and empathy for our neighbors. In the end, actions like these will only make us weaker in our fight against terrorism.”

You can view this post on our Factivists site here.


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