Commander-In-Chief Material, Marco Rubio Is Not

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Marco Rubio told Chuck Todd tonight that he’s ready to be President because of the trials of the campaign, but really he doesn’t have the temperament— or the record.
Rubio has also claimed he has foreign policy experience because he’s on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The only problem: Rubio’s skipped 60% of all the committee hearings.Exactly how “experienced” and knowledgeable is Rubio, if he isn’t showing up for work and prioritizing campaign fundraisers over foreign policy briefings?

Rubio’s just another face in the crowd of a GOP field that’s glorifying torture and pledging to commit war crimes. Like Donald Trump, Rubio’s ridiculed diplomatic solutions and compromises as signs of weakness. It’s frankly hard to see how he’s any better prepared to be commander in chief than is Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

Ben Ray

Communications Director, American Bridge 21st Century
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