Charlie Crist for Congress Releases First Ad, “May Not Know”

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Governor Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for Florida’s 13th Congressional district, on Monday released his campaign’s first TV ad.

The 30-second spot entitled “May Not Know” began airing on Tampa-market cable and broadcast stations this weekend.

The spot may be viewed here, with script below:

SCRIPT: Okay, you know I was your Governor. But here are some things you may not know. My hair used to be way better. I played quarterback. My Dad has been a doctor here for fifty-five years. I swim every morning. And yes…I am a fan of fans. And in Congress, I’ll get things done for Pinellas County. I’ll protect Social Security and Medicare. Defend women’s health care and Planned Parenthood. And take care of our veterans. I’m Charlie Crist and I approve this message, because I’ll put the people first. Always have. Always will.

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