#CD13 Tiger Bay Factchecks on David Jolly

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In today’s forum for Florida’s 13th Congressional district candidates between Governor Charlie Crist and Rep. David Jolly, Jolly made some statements that disregarded a few inconvenient truths.
Jolly on Social Security Privatization: Jolly tried to claim he “didn’t lobby for Social Security privatization.”
Factcheck: Jolly did in fact register to lobby on “Social Security reform” for the Free Enterprise Nation, which publicly advocated for the privatization of Social Security. Jolly has said “all options should be on the table” regarding Social Security. Jolly included on his 2009 federal Lobbying Registration form “Social Security reform” as a legislative issue for his client.
Jolly on Oil Drilling: Jolly tried to claim he “didn’t lobby for offshore drilling.”
Factcheck: Jolly did in fact list under “specific lobbying issues” legislation called “A Roadmap for America’s Energy Future,” which included expanded offshore oil drilling. PolitiFact found his denial of lobbying for offshore drilling to be Mostly False. In Congress, Jolly has publicly supported expanded drilling in the central Gulf of Mexico, the same region where the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred that impacted Florida’s coasts.
Jolly on Women’s Health: Jolly attempted to soften his tone on women’s health, while dismissing Planned Parenthood as a small provider of women’s health care.
Factcheck: Jolly introduced a bill and voted for numerous Republican bills [H.R. 3762 1/6/16 and H. Res. 483 10/22/15] to defund Planned Parenthood, despite Planned Parenthood providing 80,000 Floridians per year with medical care, and despite more than one-third of Florida’s counties having no OB-GYN. While Jolly says he increased funding for other clinics, he co-sponsored two different bills [H.R. 217 (2015) and H.R. 217 (2013)] that would ban federal family planning assistance to any women’s health facility that provides abortion services. Jolly’s record on women is far from moderate: he voted [H.R. 36, 5/13/15] to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks with few exceptions, and even to impose criminal penalties on doctors who violate the ban. Jolly
Jolly on Privatizing the VA: Jolly dismissed his vote to deny additional VA funding as “a procedural vote” and for “bricks and mortar.”
Factcheck: Jolly’s vote was against improving a bill that not only provided $15 million in funding for VA health administration medical services, but also appropriations for military construction, intelligence programs, and health and compensation for 9/11 first responders. Later, Jolly voted against a 2.3% pay raise for servicemembers and to protect their pay in case of a government shutdown.
Jolly on Clean Water: Jolly said “clean water standards need to be abided by.”
Factcheck: Jolly voted to undermine both the Clean Water Rule and also the Clean Water Act, earning him an 8% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters. Jolly also voted against Rep. Kathy Castor’s amendment to increase EPA funding — but is now calling on that same EPA to investigate Pinellas water issues, after Governor Crist raised the issue.
Jolly on Early Childhood Education: Jolly twice raised early childhood education as an issue important to him.
Factcheck: Jolly voted against providing early childhood education funding — not to mention voting against school dropout prevention and re-entry programs, and against higher standards in math, science, and English.
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