VIDEO: Charlie Crist for Congress Releases Fourth Ad, “Helping People”

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Governor Charlie Crist‘s campaign for Florida’s 13th Congressional district on Wednesday released its fourth television ad of the 2016 campaign.

The 30-second spot entitled “Helping People” details Crist’s love of public service as inspired by his father, a family doctor in Pinellas County for fifty-five years. The spot, affectionately known by the Crist family as the “Dad ad,” is airing on Tampa-market cable and broadcast stations alongside the campaign’s ad released last week featuring President Barack Obama.

The TV ad can be viewed here, and the script can be viewed below:

“Helping People”: My dad was a family doctor in Pinellas County for fifty-five years. He used to even take me on house calls. Both my parents taught me to help others. That’s why I believe in public service. As your Governor, we got things done. And if you send me to Congress, we can do it again. I’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, defend Planned Parenthood and women’s health care, and I’ll take care of our veterans. I’m Charlie Crist and I approve this message, because I’ll put you, the people, first. Always have, and always will.

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