Senator Dennis Baxley Files Senate Bill 1004, Efficiency in Sunshine Bill

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Senator Dennis Baxley filed a bill to improve the efficiency of local governing boards.  Similar to the practices in the Florida Legislature, under this bill, two members of a Board (of five or more) would be permitted to gather information and discuss topics without such an action constituting an official public meeting, all the while ensuring that no public policy is being made. The goal of this bill is to improve efficiencies in local government while still maintaining strict safeguards to ensure the public’s business is conducted in the sunshine. Representative Byron Donalds filed the House companion bill.

“It’s time to clarify what Sunshine law means with local officials and to add a level of common sense and reason,” Senator Dennis Baxley said.

“This bill provides the opportunity for public servants to be more effective while maintaining the intent of Florida’s government in the sunshine principle,” Representative Byron Donalds said. “We should allow local officials to have the same flexibility we have in the Legislature to educate themselves on matters they are addressing.”


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