CEA Reaction to Florida Hydraulic Fracturing Ban Proposal

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Kevin Doyle, the Florida Executive Director for Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), released the below statement in reaction to Senate Bill 442, a proposal to ban hydraulic fracturing in Florida, which is being discussed today in the Florida Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee:

“Consumer Energy Alliance believes that it is critical to point out that hydraulic fracturing and the safe, state-of-the-art technology that it uses has received national praise and attention for enabling an economic resurgence across America and in particular manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, agriculture and almost every other facet of our lives.

“Given estimates that Florida’s population will grow from nearly 20 million in 2014 to 29 million in 2040, which the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council projects will increase electricity demand by more than 10 gigawatts by 2035 – or enough to power 7.5 million new homes.  Since more and more of our electricity is being met by cleaner burning natural gas, it is important that the Sunshine State maintain a steady plan for safe, efficient and environmentally responsible energy development. Saying ‘no’ to energy progress is a short-sighted strategy that goes against families and businesses across the state.

“It’s time for Florida to advance policies that support an all-of-the-above energy portfolio. We need renewables, but we also need to promote oil and natural gas to ensure we can meet our growing energy demands. Energy diversity is critical for Florida’s economic success and security. We need policies that support responsible development of American resources. Floridians can and should have environmental protection AND energy development.”


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