Stand Up North Florida Releases TV Ad

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Ad highlights significance of North Florida’s water
and threat posed by Negron-Bradley land buy

Today, Stand Up North Florida released an ad that aims to educate North Floridians about the significance of North Florida’s water and the threat of the South Florida land buy, proposed by Senators Joe Negron and Rob Bradley, to the limited conservation funding resources available to the North Florida region. The ad encourages citizens to contact their legislators about this important issue.

“North Florida has precious water resources – lakes, rivers, springs and beaches – that desperately need protecting. There are limited funds available and it is imperative we receive our fair share. Yet South Florida received more than 90 percent of the Amendment 1 funding for water projects last year. This is a fact most North Floridians likely don’t know,” commented former Congressman Steve Southerland, Stand Up North Florida’s Chairman.

Southerland continued, “The Negron-Bradley proposal will dedicate billions more of Amendment 1 dollars to South Florida, and Senator Negron has made clear he is determined to push this land buy through regardless of the impact on the rest of the state.  Unfortunately the currently proposed amendment still does not solve the State’s problems, sends even more money to South Florida, and creates decades worth of debt. This is neither conservative or responsible.

Stand Up North Florida is dedicated to making sure the voters are aware of this multi-billion dollar proposal and the negative impact it will have on North Florida’s ability to receive funding for our needs for decades to come.”

View the ad online here:

Stand Up North Florida is a grassroots coalition of Floridians from North and Central Florida that believe the vital water resources of our region must be protected. Water plays an important role for our region – directly impacting economics through tourism, agriculture and fishing, while directly impacting our daily life and survival. With more than 70 percent of Florida’s river water sheds and nearly all of the state’s springs, North and Central Florida impact statewide water issues as well and provide nearly all of the recharge to the Floridan Aquifer, the state’s largest drinking water source.

In 2014, Florida voters passed Amendment 1, creating the Land Acquisition Trust Fund and a dedicated pot of funds for conservation projects for 20 years. In order to protect the waters of North and Central Florida, these and other dollars should be equitably shared across the state, rather than having a majority of funds dedicated to one region or area.


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