Statement by CARE FL Chairman Brent Hanlon Regarding Passage of High Speed Rail Safety Legislation

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Statement by CARE FL Chairman Brent Hanlon regarding the Senate Transportation Committee’s Passage of High Speed Rail Safety Legislation

The Florida Senate Transportation Committee today passed Senate Bill 386 by Senator Debbie Mayfield, which establishes the Florida High Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act. Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida (CARE FL) Chairman Brent Hanlon released the following statement regarding the committee’s passage of the bill.

“I want to once again thank Senator Debbie Mayfield for filing legislation this session to fill the void that currently exists in Florida law when it comes to high speed rail safety. The unanimous support the bill received in committee today highlights the importance of ensuring that all Floridians are protected from accidents and injuries at dangerous high speed rail crossings across the state. This is not just about our community which will be negatively impacted. This legislation will address public safety concerns in any community across the state. This bill also addresses another very important issue—cost. Any so-called privately funded project should not shift costs to the taxpayers.” 

CARE FL is a coalition created by a group of concerned community leaders, organizations and neighbors in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Our group continues to grow. We share a common goal: Protecting the safety, welfare and way of life for the families, businesses and retirees who live in and around our communities. To learn more about CARE FL’s concerns, visit and follow us on Twitter @CARE_FL or like us on Facebook.


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