Cortes applauds Ayala removal from Markeith Loyd case, continues to call for suspension

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State Representative Bob Cortes commends Governor Scott for removing State
Attorney Ayala from the case, but her actions today call for a suspension.

State Representative Bob Cortes applauded Governor Rick Scott’s decision to remove State Attorney Aramis Ayala from the Markeith Loyd case, but continues to call for her suspension. In a letter to the Governor last week, in addition to asking Scott to suspend Ayala, Cortes asked the Governor to review all pending death penalty cases in the Ninth Circuit and reassign her cases to other state attorneys. The move came after Ayala announced last week that she would not seek the death penalty in the case of Markeith Loyd or any other case.

“It was entirely appropriate for the Governor to remove Ayala from this case, and it remains so given the lack of cooperation we have seen from her today,” said Cortes.  I continue to believe strongly that State Attorney Ayala’s disregard for Markeith Loyd’s victims demonstrates the irreparable harm she could do to justice in the Ninth Circuit and warrants her removal from office. If she continues to follow through with her promise to not hear current death penalty cases, including six pending cases, justice may be thwarted for additional victims of heinous crimes. I appreciate the Governor’s swift response thus far. I am confident he will continue to act within the scope of Florida law to ensure that justice is done for Markeith Loyd’s victims and everyone in the Ninth Circuit.”


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