Sen. Bill Nelson’s remarks on yesterday’s shooting

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While speaking on the Senate floor this morning, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) took a moment to share his thoughts on yesterday’s shooting. Here’s what he said:

“I just want to say, with regard to the terrible tragedy that occurred yesterday, my feelings about this violence that has occurred, whether it has occurred because, or not – I don’t know – of the excessive rhetoric and the sharpness and the fact that politics has become a blood sport. We are so divided.

“This is what I want to say: that we are Americans first, regardless of party. That in times of threat, we come together. We’re all on the same team. This senator has prayed, and I know others are, for the complete recovery of all of those that were wounded yesterday, two of which, apparently, are grievously wounded. We pray for their full recovery.

“It was a heinous attack. Let’s come together in bipartisanship, and right here is an example of coming together, recognizing there is a technical problem, coming together to fix that problem. Let’s do this in the spirit of what Americans do, that we are Americans first.”


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