RoadWatch Advisory From The Florida Department of Transportation

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is suspending work operations in all active construction zones statewide that would impact lanes used by motorists for evacuations. FDOT requires construction project contractors to have a hurricane plan. Safety is the top priority. Some operations that don’t impact motorists or roadway lanes can continue however, emphasis and focus of the contractor will be on securing materials and equipment at the project sites.

  • As a tropical event approaches, maintaining existing roads is essential. FDOT alerts staff and maintenance contractors; putting them on standby and adjusting schedules if necessary. Drainage structures are readied by removing debris from rights-of-way and along roadways. Fleet vehicles are fueled. Agreements with supply contractors are activated, for materials needed after the storm.
  • On September 5, Governor Rick Scott directed FDOT to suspend tolls across the entire State of Florida in preparation for Hurricane Irma. By suspending all tolls, Floridians and visitors will more easily be able to prepare for any potential storm impacts, access important hurricane supplies, and quickly and safely evacuate when necessary.
  • Governor Scott has rescinded all weight and driver restrictions for highways so water, food, fuel and emergency supplies can be quickly brought to Florida.
  • FDOT is holding teleconferences with districts and agency partners such as the Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Districts, and Federal Highway Administration to ensure all infrastructure needs are met.
  • FDOT will continue to reach out to county emergency operations centers directly to coordinate any necessary response actions, including activating traffic counters, providing local evacuation support and providing maintenance of traffic and other assistance.
  • The state is monitoring conditions at all airports and seaports. As of now, there are no closed airports or seaports.
  • FDOT maintenance contractors have begun lowering high mast interstate lights in some areas.
  • Floridians are urged to use Florida’s 511 Traveler Information System which provides real-time traffic and travel updates on all of Florida’s interstates and toll roads, and other major metropolitan roadways.


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