Commissioner Adam Putnam Encourages Floridians to Heed Evacuation Orders

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Pet Owners Can Find Pet-friendly Options

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam urges Floridians to heed evacuation orders as Hurricane Irma approaches. For pet and animal owners, there are options available so you can safely evacuate and also ensure the safety of your pets and animals.

“Don’t stay behind and ignore evacuation orders just because you don’t want to leave Fido. There are pet and animal-friendly options available, and now is the time to do your research,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam. “Hurricane Irma is potentially catastrophic, and planning now can save your life and your pet’s life.”

Floridians can visit and visit the “Hurricane Irma” webpage to find useful links, or directly visit these sites to find pet-friendly shelters:

During an emergency, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provides necessary food and water to affected areas and helps protect animals and pets. The department’s Florida Forest Service is responsible for incident management and assists emergency responders in clearing debris and distributing supplies. Additionally, the department’s Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement provides law enforcement services to police departments and county sheriff’s offices as necessary.

For more information and tips on hurricane preparedness, visit


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