Leading National Company Seeks License to Join Florida’s Medical Cannabis Program

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AGRiMED Industries Submits Application for State License

AGRiMED Industries, a fully integrated medical cannabis organization, has submitted its application for one of five new licenses to produce medical marijuana in Florida. The license would permit the company to grow and sell therapeutic pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products.

AGRiMED Industries, a Pennsylvania-based company, works to bring cannabis-derived medicine from cultivation to patient care. The company is recognized for its state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities, diverse leadership team, and extensive community involvement. This unique combination produced the high score among 177 applicants for one of Pennsylvania’s 12 medical-marijuana licenses last year.

Today, AGRiMED remains a leader in patient wellness, working to cultivate, process, and dispense pure, pesticide-free agricultural medicine to patients. The company hopes its track record of success and leading business strategies will place it at the forefront when Florida health officials make their selections at the end of the month.

Unlike many companies in the medical cannabis field, AGRiMED is minority-owned, and is deeply committed to supporting research into the use of cannabis for sickle cell anemia and working with historically black universities to provide training and internships to students for early experience in the industry. The company’s relationship with Lincoln University generates a knowledge center for cannabis-related research and development fueled by minority students, the first of its kind in the country.

AGRiMED Industries is a leading medical company committed to improving the health and wellness of ailing patients. With state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities and over 200 years of collective business and medical expertise, AGRiMED produces high-quality agricultural medicine with tremendous healing benefits. For more information on AGRiMED Industries visit, https://AGRiMEDindustries.com.


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