Gov. Rick Scott’s Securing Florida’s Future Budget Continues Historic Investments in Education

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Governor Rick Scott’s Securing Florida’s Future budget makes historic investments in Florida’s public education system, with record high per-student funding; provides additional resources for school safety; and provides Florida teachers additional money to purchase classroom supplies.

Governor Scott said, “Florida has renowned K-12 public schools and nationally recognized colleges that ensure every Floridian has access to educational opportunities that meet their individual needs. We also have the best teachers in the world, and I am proud to support their efforts by increasing the supply grants each teacher receives to prepare their classrooms at the start of the school year. The Securing for Florida’s Future budget invests historic funds into our state’s public education system, enabling Florida’s students, educators and education leaders to continue building on the progress we have made to ensure this success continues for generations to come.”

The Securing for Florida’s Future budget includes:


  • $21.4 billion in state and local funding, an increase of $769.6 million.
    • Historic per-student funding of $7,497, an increase of $200 over 2017-18 levels;
    • $198 million increase in state funds to support an additional 27,184 students;
    • $63.2 million for teacher supply grants of $100 per teacher to purchase classroom supplies needed for the school year, an increase of $17.9 million; and
    • $74.5 million to ensure school safety for our students, an increase of $10 million.
  • Funding to help ensure that Florida students have well-prepared, high-quality educators and that educators are recognized and compensated for outstanding performance:
    • $12 million to establish Summer Academies to accelerate English Language Learners in grades 4-8 not meeting grade level expectations;
    • $15 million for computer coding and professional development initiative;
    • $770,000 to recognize outstanding educators in our public schools through the Teacher of the Year program which provides at least $10,000 for district winners; at least $15,000 for the top five finalists; and at least $20,000 for the statewide winner; and
    • $1 million in security funding for Jewish Day Schools to help provide security and counter-terrorism upgrades such as video cameras, fences, bullet-proof glass, alarm systems and other safety equipment.


  • $1.24 billion in state operating funds, an increase of $31.9 million which provides:
    • $120 million for performance funding, with $60 million in state investment; and
    • $14 million to incentivize industry certification performance, an increase of $4 million.


  • $420.6 million to fund Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship Program, which includes funding to ensure the Florida Academic Scholars award will continue to cover 100 percent of tuition and fees for all eligible students.


  • $150 million for maintenance, repairs, renovation and remodeling includes:
    • $50 million for public schools;
    • $50 million for charter schools; and
    • $50 million for Florida colleges.
  • $34.4 million for Florida College System construction projects;
  • $1 million for security funding for Jewish Day Schools; and
  • $48.9 million for special facility construction projects.

Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said, “With his Securing Florida’s Future budget, Governor Rick Scott has once again proven that he is committed to helping our state’s students reach their full potential. Year after year, Florida’s students have improved their academic performance and narrowed the achievement gap. This continued investment in our state’s public education system will help to maintain the momentum to the benefit of current and future generations.”

Marva Johnson, State Board of Education Chair, said, “As job growth in Florida soars, it is essential that students at every level of our state’s public education system receive a high-quality education that prepares them to meet workforce demands and positions them to enjoy the high quality of life Florida has to offer. Governor Rick Scott’s Securing Florida’s Future budget is paramount to students’ academic, career, and life success, and I commend him for his ongoing support.”

Andy Tuck, State Board of Education Vice Chair, said, “Every student deserves access to safe learning environments and, as a Board, we have continually prioritized funding to ensure our school and district leaders have resources to protect Florida’s greatest asset – our children. For four consecutive years, we have proudly proposed a $10 million increase in school safety, and I look forward to working with the Legislature to make this a reality.”

Dr. Tom LoBasso, Daytona State College President, said, “I appreciate Governor Rick Scott for proposing an increase of $30 million in state investment in performance funding for the Florida College System. Our 28 colleges serve more than 800,000 Florida students and lead the nation with graduation rates topping nearly every other state.”

Tammy Jerkins, 2018 Florida Teacher of the Year, said, “Our state’s teachers work hard to develop engaging lessons that help their students connect to the content. I have spent my own money to ensure successful classroom activities, and I know that many of my colleagues have as well. I am grateful to Governor Rick Scott for recognizing this great need and taking action to help our state’s dedicated teachers as they prepare the next generation for lifelong success.”

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