Century Village Receives PSC’s Triple E Award

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With three retirement communities in southeast Florida, Century Village recently updated energy efficiencies to improve facilities for its active residents. The energy upgrades provide a savings of $79,000 annually, earning Century Village the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) November Triple E Award for its energy efficiency efforts.

“Century Village should be commended for investing in its utility’s energy savings programs, which have significantly lowered its energy costs for the benefit of all of its residents,” said PSC Chairman Julie Brown.

Century Village earned incentives through Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) Business Custom Incentive Program to install variable frequency-drive (VFD) pool pumps, and high-efficiency, light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Using more efficient technologies, Century Village communities have reduced energy, maintenance, and chemical costs; lowered energy use by more than 459,000 kilowatt hours (kWh); and saved $41,000 annually.

Century Village is also using 80 percent less energy by converting its lighting from traditional incandescent bulbs to LEDs in community clubhouses. The new lights operate on occupancy sensors and are expected to save $38,000 annually.

“Our energy saving achievements are due to the cooperation, dedication, and collective efforts of the site administrators at our three villages—Anita Pearce, Eva Rachesky, and George Beckhart,” said Dan Cruz, Century Village Vice President and Regional Facilities Manager. “Their work with FPL helped provide a good return on our energy efficiency investment, which, in turn, greatly benefits our residents.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Century Village to help them meet their goals to improve energy efficiency while lowering their operating costs,” said Wayne Besley, FPL Director of Demand Side Management Programs. “FPL’s DSM Energy Efficiency programs are designed to help all customers – business and residential – understand their energy use and work towards energy efficiency.”

Covering the state’s five major geographic areas, each month the PSC presents its Triple E Award to a local business that has accomplished superior energy efficiency. Look for past Triple E Award recipients under Hot Topics on the PSC’s homepage, floridapsc.com. The PSC encourages cost-effective conservation and renewable energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels and defer the need for new generating capacity through the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act.


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