Florida PSC Requests Further Comments on Utility Hurricane Preparedness and Restoration

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TALLAHASSEE—As part of its comprehensive review of 2017 utility hurricane preparedness and restoration actions, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) is now requesting comments from interested stakeholders, including local governments, businesses, advocacy groups, and other organizations.  The Commission is seeking stakeholder comments on vegetation management, undergrounding of electric facilities, and utilities’ coordination and communications during emergencies.

“We’ve been actively collecting data from Florida’s electric utilities and from more than 400 customers who’ve provided comments via the portal on the PSC’s home page,” said PSC Chairman Julie Brown.  “Now we’re drilling down another level to reach more stakeholders, who can provide an even broader perspective on how utilities are handling tree trimming, facilitating electric facilities undergrounding, and interacting with local emergency operations centers.”

For more information on submitting comments or to review the questions to be answered, visit www.floridapsc.com and accessReview of Electric Utility Hurricane Preparedness and Restoration Actions Comments under Hot Topics.  Comments are due by February 20, 2018 and are limited to 25 pages, excluding attachments.  All submitted comments will be public record and posted to the PSC’s website.

For additional information, visit www.floridapsc.com.

Follow the PSC on Twitter, @floridapsc.


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