Statement from Medical Marijuana Founder and CEO Jake Bergmann Regarding Jeff Sessions Policy Reversal

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Please see the below statement from Surterra Wellness Founder and CEO, Jake Bergmann.

“This callous move by Jeff Sessions will not impact the patients of Florida in any way. Surterra will continue to cultivate and distribute medical cannabis to the thousands of patients using this all-natural plant to treat pain, cancer, PTSD and all the other ailments people suffer from that marijuana can help. This is real medicine, and we have hundreds of stories from real people to prove it. We will continue to serve those patients, and advocate for those patients until marijuana is recognized for what it is –  a safe, natural alternative to opiates for pain and life-changing medicine for people not only in Florida, but throughout the United States.

If anything, policymakers should seize this opportunity to bring forth legislation that legalizes marijuana and gives people that are using it medicinally security and safety standards for these products. There are countless anecdotes, and lots of viable research, that proves marijuana has medicinal benefits. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that it is hugely popular, and much more so than the individual trying to prohibit it. Add to all that there are no documented cases of someone dying from marijuana, but almost 100 families in America lose a loved one because of opiates each and every day. We need to stop allowing an 80-year-old propaganda campaign that has been perpetuated by pro-pharma special interests to continue and stop denying access to medicine derived from marijuana.”

About Surterra
Surterra has brought together industry leaders from medicine and cannabis research to discover and advance the natural therapeutic benefits of cannabis-based products and are providing cannabis products to qualified patients throughout the entire State of Florida. Surterra’s mission is to provide the safest, highest quality cannabis-based products that empower your health and enable you and your loved ones to live well.


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