Rep. Peters files bill to prohibit legislators from working for lobby firms while in office

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Representative Kathleen Peters (R-Treasure Island) filed House Bill 1325 that would prohibit members of the Legislature and their family members from working for lobby firms during a member’s term in office. The legislation aims to create a more ethical distance between legislators and lobbyists for the time that members are serving in public office.
“In recent years, our Florida House has shown a steadfast commitment to ethics reform and closing the revolving door between lobbyists and the Legislature,” Representative Peters stated. “If the Legislature is serious about ethics reform, then this provision must be included in this year’s effort to ensure a high quality standard of conduct among our public officers. If we agree that members should be banned from working for lobby firms immediately after they leave office, it should be common sense that legislators shouldn’t be working for firms who lobby the government while holding elected office.”
House Bill 1325 will eliminate the opportunity for members to vote on legislation that directly impacts the firm for which they work, and with successful passage would become effective July 1, 2018.
The filed bill text and committee referrals can be found on the Florida House website.


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