APD Participates in Developmental Disabilities Day

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Disability Stakeholders Praise Governor’s Support

Governor Rick Scott today issued a proclamation recognizing today, February 14, as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day in Florida. Hundreds of disability advocates came to the Capitol in Tallahassee today to talk with legislators. To read Governor Scott’s proclamation, click here.

Governor Scott said, “I am proud to proclaim today as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day in Florida. We want every person in our state to have the opportunity to live the American Dream. We will keep working to ensure every Floridian has the resources they need to be successful.”

Governor Scott ‘s Securing Florida’s Future Budget proposes $1.4 billion to serve Floridians with developmental disabilities. Some of the proposed investments include:

  • $18.1 million to offer enrollment to approximately 900 individuals with developmental disabilities who are in crisis into the APD waiver program. This funding will serve individuals who are in a crisis situation, in extended foster care, or those in foster care who are adopted or reunified with their families.
  • $1 million to provide employment services for approximately 800 individuals with developmental disabilities who are ready to work.

APD Director Barbara Palmer said, “Governor Scott is a fabulous advocate for people with developmental disabilities. The Governor’s budget recommendations support $34 million in General Revenue funding for the increased needs of individuals on the waiver. I appreciate his continued support of individuals with special abilities. We want all Floridians with developmental disabilities to receive the resources they need to succeed.”

Family Care Council Florida Chairperson Mary Smith said, “We are happy to see Governor Scott’s Securing Florida’s Future budget will move 900 people from the waiting list to being served by APD. We appreciate his understanding of the growing needs of people already on the waiver too.”


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