ICYMI: Sunshine State News: Matt Caldwell Wins Straw Poll in Jacksonville

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Adam Putnam, Ashley Moody, Matt Caldwell Win Straw Poll in Jacksonville
Kevin Derby, Sunshine State News
April 14, 2018
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Voters and candidates from across the Sunshine State gathered in Jacksonville on Saturday afternoon for a straw poll held by WBOB.

Several statewide candidates, including … state Rep. Matt Caldwell, who is running in the Republican primary to be agriculture commissioner, spoke before the straw poll.

Supporters for other candidates, including … state Sen. Denise Grimsley and former state Rep. Baxter Troutman, who are both running in the Republican primary to be Florida’s next agricultural commissioner, were also out in full force.

Caldwell easily won the GOP agriculture commissioner straw poll with 81 votes followed by Grimsley with 33 votes and Troutman with 21 votes.

The Duval County Supervisor of Elections team, which included former state Rep. Dick Kravitz, managed the straw poll.


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