Senator Annette Taddeo Joins Call For A Special Legislative Session To Address Education Funding And School Safety

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“Tallahassee has failed our public school system by refusing to provide adequate funding for students and mishandling the protection of our students and teachers,” Senator Taddeo stated. “I join my colleagues in calling for a special legislative session to solve these education issues so that our students can learn in safe and nurturing schools. Today, I delivered a letter to the Florida Secretary of State stating my concerns and I look forward to convening a special legislative session to benefit students throughout Florida.”

Under the provisions of Article III, Section 3(c)(2) of the Florida Constitution and Section 11.011(2) of Florida Statutes, state legislators can call for a special legislative session. With the certification of multiple legislators, a full poll of the Legislature is prompted to determine if the necessary three-fifths of the Florida House and Senate concur in calling for a special session for the purpose of addressing desperately needed funding for the children of Florida’s public schools.


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