CRC Commissioners Continue Sponsorship of Public Proposals and Ideas Regarding the Florida Constitution

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The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) today held its second and final full Commission meeting in which Commissioners could directly sponsor public proposals through the CRC process. Direct sponsorship of public proposals is one of several ways public input is considered through the CRC process. CRC Commissioners have also created their own proposals inspired by ideas submitted by Floridians.

CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff, said, “The CRC has received historic public input. More than 2,000 proposed revisions and thousands of comments were submitted by Floridians. As we review this public input, it clear that Floridians share many similar ideas and interests. In addition to Commissioners who chose to directly sponsor a public proposal, several Commissioners have created their own proposals inspired by public input. Floridians are encouraged to continue reaching out to Commissioners with ideas before October 31, which is the deadline for Commissioners to file proposals to be taken up during the CRC process.”

A summary of public proposals directly sponsored by Commissioners, and proposals created by Commissioners that were inspired by public input, is provided below. Nineteen proposals have been filed by CRC Commissioners to date and are available for review on

Public Proposals Directly Sponsored by CRC Commissioners (6 Total)

Commissioner-Filed Proposals Inspired by Public Input (8 To-date)

Additional Commissioner-Filed Proposals

How to Review Proposals and Public Input


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